We are working with a local recycling company to recycle soft plastics which the council currently cannot recycle.

Last year we achieved our first target of gathering 72kg of soft plastic! This resulted in us having a fantastic picnic table made entirely from our recycled plastic! What an AWESOME effort. Here it is: 


We are not stopping there though. Our children are passionate about protecting our planet so they are taking massive action. Nailsworth School is going to carry on recycling soft plastics, as we believe there is too much plastic littering the world and by recycling what we are throwing away in Nailsworth, we are doing our bit to make a difference.

So if you have plastic you want to recycle, simply drop it into the grey bin outside the main reception.



What plastic can we recycle?

Soft plastics which are foldable by nature can berecycled under this scheme (this by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Bread bags – soft pliable material that folds over and stays flat, doesn’t spring back
  • Plastic multi package drinks rings – typically holds cans of drink together in 4 or 6 packs
  • Soft bags that contain fruit or veg such as apples, carrots etc
  • Plastic film wrapped around multi packs of soft drink –such as still or sparkling water
  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Film wrapped around trays of things – such as multi packs of tinned dog food usually packed into a cardboard tray and wrapped all over with plastic
  • Plastic coverings over new electrical appliances.
  • Plastic wrap over new kitchen appliances, work tops, cabinets etc
  • Plastic bags containing gravel, concrete etc. generally are made from LDPE4, so can be recycled but MUST be cleaned out/rinsed with water
  • Any plastic showing the symbols LDPE4 or HDPE2 (will apply to the majority of items stated above but sometimes not applied by all packaging manufacturers)

 Unfortunately, we cannot currently recycle:

  • Crisp packets
  • Popcorn packets
  • Contaminated plastic – such as concrete bags or food bags that are not rinsed
  • Any crunchy plastic – film that if you try to make into a small ball just springs back, e.g. many cereal packets