Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 online learning platform! On here will be online versions of the work which will be provided in the work packs.

The work in the pack (available from 15/5/20) is to last 2 weeks, the second week is half term and I have put work in to keep learning ticking over, but this is mostly extras that won’t effect your child’s learning if they don’t complete it. Miss Jackson’s travel challenge is a half term challenge and mini topic, please let me know where you have decided to go and what you would do!

I am in school during the half term week with the key worker pupils, so my half term is W/B 18/5/20 so sorry for any delay in email response time.

Stay safe and enjoy the sun!

Miss Jackson

Week beginning 18/5/20

English – There was an error on the sheet sent out in the packs, apologies! It is dated W/B 25.5.20, it should be for W/B 18.5.20. Please work through a worksheet a day this week.

English for WB 18.5.20

English sheets week beginning 18.5.20

Maths  18.5.20 Please complete the Maths investigation in the pack.

Maths 19.5.20

Maths 20.5.20

Maths 21.5.20

Maths 22.5.20 Spend 15-30 minutes playing a maths game! Here are a few of my recommendations:

Times Table Rockstars

Resources to last until 1/6/20

Miss Jackson’s Travel Challenge

Miss Jackson’s travel challenge


Spelling rule mis- 18.5.20

Spelling rule words ending in -sure 25.5.20


Week 5 and 6
RE Year 4 RE Lesson 3


Year 4 French weeks 5 and 6


Topic week 5 and 6


Year 4 PSHE Healthy eating week 5 and 6


Roman gladiator PE 

For some fun & games you can play online at home, click the button to visit our Kids Corner or follow the links below:

General Games

English Games

Science Games

ICT Games