Times Table competitions

New competition starting on Tuesday 19th May

This week, there are 6 new competitions taking place, open too all children at Nailsworth (including those learning at home). Each class has a girls vs boys contest which will start at 9:30am on Tuesday 19th May. Take part by logging on to your TTR account and playing to score points.  When the competition starts, you will be able to see your gender’s points rise as you score points for your team!  You can score points until 1:30pm on Thursday 21st May when the competition will end.

Log on here to play (or use the app): https://play.ttrockstars.com/login/59009

Last week’s competitions

Well done to our Year 2 – 6’s who took part in a county-wide times table competition. We came 20th out of 50 schools which is impressive as many of the schools taking part were larger than us!

The Year 1’s had a competition of their own last week – girls vs boys. Well done to the boys who won with 782 points (the girls scored a respectable 584).