Y6 AMAZING work from home!

It’s SO GREAT to hear that you are all eager to do the work set out for you! 

Well done for being proactive learners and taking control of your learning – this makes me so proud of you! 

Today, I’ve heard from Holly, Luca and Max . Let’s see what they’ve been up to.  

Luca’s been working with Joe and Evan on WhatsApp to do their Pop Art! Here is Luca’s work: 

Holly has been working hard, as early as 8:20am I hear! She’s even kept up her trampolining – well done! Below is her Pop Art work using Mickey Mouse – we love it here at school! 

Max has been working hard on his Science work today, learning all about the 4 main germs. He’s created a fantastic poster using Word to explain about the 4 different germs – great work!