Year 6

Friday 15th May 

Hi Year 6,

I hope you’re keeping well and have been enjoying the sunshine!

Your next pack has 1-week of work based on ‘Stars’ and the ‘Constellations.’ The second week is half term and there is a reduced learning pack for this week. I’ve included 5 activities for you to do, one of which is a project. You can find the work here:!ApWCPjyqKuguiyI9BO9xB1KGgplY?e=YIvnjD


If you enjoy musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical CATS is streaming for free, 24 Hours, tonight on his YouTube Channel. Follow:

David Walliams’ ‘The Midnight Gang’ theatre production is also streaming for free until May 29th. Follow:


Keep safe and hopefully we’ll see you soon! 

Miss. Waterworth

Thursday 30th April

Hi Year 6,

I can’t quite believe that it’s going to be May tomorrow! I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoyed the video sent by Mrs. King and myself as well as the brownie recipe I shared. Have any of you made them yet? Let me know if you do! 

Tomorrow, 1st May, is Space Day. I’ve used this as inspiration for your next 2-week packs. Your work will be based around Space, looking at: the Solar System, astronauts and rockets! Remember, feel free to move the days around to fit your routines, complete what you can and at your own pace. I look forward to seeing the returned packs when I’m back in school next week. 

I have uploaded the packs onto OneDrive. Follow the link:!ApWCPjyqKuguiyI9BO9xB1KGgplY?e=dcshjm

If you get stuck or you are confused about any of the work, send me an email I will help as much as I can; it’s what I’m here for. 

Enjoy the packs,

Miss. Waterworth

Thursday 16th April

Hi Year 6,

I hope you have enjoyed the Easter Holidays – the weather has been glorious. I’ve read a book, watched Disney+ and I have a very tidy house…! Have you heard about Captain Tom Moore? A 100 year old veteran has raised £13million for the NHS! How incredible is that? Read more here:

Your 2-week packs are ready for collection in the school foyer. In there you’ll find timetables and work to complete for weeks beginning 20th April and 27th April. Feel free to move the days around to fit your own routines, complete what you can and at your own pace. The work is Science based – ‘Living Things in their Habitats.’ Many Zoos across the world have live animal webcams. Check out the link to see which animals you can watch from around the world!

I have also uploaded the packs onto OneDrive. Follow the link:!ApWCPjyqKuguiyI9BO9xB1KGgplY?e=LyWBH2

If you have any questions, would like to send me work or would like to just say hello, drop me an email. 

Mrs. King and I are in school next week, watch out for a video! 

Take care everyone,

Miss. Waterworth 

Friday 3rd April

Hi Year 6,

I hope you are all well and staying safe. A big well done on completing the work set so far and a big thank you to parents for taking on teaching during these uncertain times. I hope you’ve enjoyed completing the work as much as I’ve enjoyed receiving it and seeing what you’ve been up to! It’s great to see how many of you have completed the work together as a family. 

There are Easter Holiday packs printed and ready for collection in the school’s foyer. This is a reduced learning pack and has some fun Easter activities to do over the Easter Holidays. 

I have also uploaded the Easter pack to OneDrive. 

Follow the link to find the work:!ApWCPjyqKuguiyI9BO9xB1KGgplY?e=SBi6L4

Take care,

Miss. Worth-it


Dear Year 6,

I hope you enjoyed watching the talent show video I sent out! We have exceptional talent in our class – well done to all of you for pulling it off at such short notice! 

As well as the packs that were sent home Friday, I have planned two weeks of work leading up to Easter.  

You will find the work on OneDrive by following the link:!ApWCPjyqKuguiyI9BO9xB1KGgplY?e=ncs87d

On the front page, you will find two timetables. One for week beginning 23rd March and one for week beginning 30th March. You can use the timetable to guide you through the folders – which are also broken down into weeks. Feel free to move the timetables around to fit your own routines. The work is there for you to use as you wish. 

If you want to share any work you’ve completed with me or would like me to post it onto our class page, send it to me via email and I will do this! 

If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the school.

Take care and stay safe.

You’re all #worth-it

Miss. Waterworth

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